Discover the revolutionary Lash-Expert Twist Brush mascara

مع نظام الفرشاة المبتكرة "Two-Step Twist" ، تجمع هذه الماسكارا السوداء المبتكرة بين البساطة والأداء الخبير للحصول على نتيجة احترافية على الفور.

تركيبة مرنة وقابلة للبناء بشكل إضافي غنية بأصباغ سوداء عميقة وزيوت حماية طبيعية (بما في ذلك الجوجوبا والزيتون والأفوكادو) ، والتي تغذي وتطيل وتكثف.

كيف تستعمل؟ ما عليك سوى لف الغطاء وفقًا للنتيجة التي تريدها:

- الموضع 1: الفرشاة المطولة تمد الرموش وتقوسها بلا حدود.

- الوضعية 2: تعمل الفرشاة الملتوية على تكثيف الرموش للحصول على حجم مثالي دون تكتل.

يعد Lash-Expert الذي يعد بالطول والحجم والانفصال والتعريف ، أفضل صديق جديد لكل امرأة.


Terry de Gunzburg is a legend in the beauty business and is a professional makeup artist known for creating her signature look of defined eyes, red lips and a perfect complexion. When running from shoot to shoot, Terry realized her own need for a product that could quickly refresh her makeup on the go, literally while sitting in traffic. By mixing foundation, moisturizer and a liquid toner together, she created the perfect product and consistency that would bring the light back to her face yet was easy to apply on the run. During her 15 year tenure of working with Yves Saint Laurent, she was able to bring that product in a portable click pen to the masses called Touche Éclat. Since its inception, it has been one of the top selling beauty items of all time. Terry launched her own line of cosmetics, skincare and fragrance in 1998. 

In a world full of brands that cover or transform your appearance, BY TERRY is created to celebrate individuality and enhance your natural beauty with quick and simple solutions. Our award-winning products serves today’s modern woman who is juggling her career, family, and friends and is the expert of her own beauty. Developed and created in France, our collection answers her call with performance products that are superb quality, multi-functional luxuries that go where she goes.